Mechanical Integrity is a big term that carries with it much responsibility, when taken to its most basic meaning, it can be defined as: the management of critical process equipment to ensure design, installation, operation and maintenance are all carefully considered and monitored with the end result being a leak free facility and equipment fit for service.

Program Development and Evolution

Whether our customers are beginning with a “clean sheet” approach to their MI requirements, or have existing programs that require review, updating or optimization, CMI Services will be there to support the journey. Using our internal knowledge and experience of industry, it is our priority to ensure you receive the very best benefits from your programs.

Program Support

When our customers are ready to launch their programs, or maintain existing ones, CMI Services can provide all the support needed to ensure accurate, efficient and seamless implementation and integration. Our services can even include full “Turn-Key” maintenance of your programs giving our customers the confidence to know the work will get done without having to schedule or monitor resources.