Infrared Thermography

CMI Services offers Level III thermography services

Infrared thermography is an inspection method which detects electromagnetic radiation consisting of longer wavelengths than that within the visible spectrum and allows it to be seen through the use of specialized cameras. This information can then be utilized to display and interpret heat patterns, object temperatures and equipment anomalies. 

The information obtained through well executed thermographic inspections can prove invaluable in determining asset performance and condition and is a vital component to a well-rounded mechanical integrity program. 

CMI Services offers Level III thermography services, and the latest in infrared camera technology, to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service.

Infrared Thermography Services Offered:
  • · Industrial furnace tube temperature measurements and monitoring
  • · External furnace casing monitoring and refractory condition 
  • · Pre-Shutdown furnace and insulation scope preparation  
  • · Pipe and Vessel Insulation surveys
  • · Electrical System Surveys and Audits

  • · Detection of AGST Sludging
  • · Thermocouple validation
  • · Inspection for external and internal Fouling/coking
  • · Preventative and predictive planning
  • · Post shutdown inspections and cleaning/pigging validation

Benefits of CMI Services Thermography

  • · Highly Experienced and Certified Level III thermographers
  • · Efficient and cost-effective inspection of assets
  • · Emergency response in the GTA for your critical equipment inspection