Project Management for the Life Cycle of Assets

Focused and performance-driven, we support projects throughout the asset/facility lifecycle from conception to site integration and closeout.

Process Driven Experience

We bring over 20 years of experience supporting projects and mechanical integrity programs in the industrial sector as well as upstream and downstream oil and gas. What this means is that we know the importance of structure and process when executing a project and have the expertise to deploy these tools to ensure projects maintain course, safety focus and budget. 

Focused Supervision

Having trained and competent personnel leading a project is vital to the safe execution and success of any project, large or small. CMI Services takes this guiding principal seriously and ensures only those individuals who are trained, certified and possess the right skills for the task be given this privilege. 

Total Site Integration

For the benefits of a project to be realized, strategically executed site integration and closeout must be engaged. CMI Services remains committed to providing the appropriate post-project support and guidance needed to ensure our customers receive all the benefits of a project they expect.


Offering valuable services for guaranteed project success

The Highest Level of Project Management

Our Project Management services are backed by years of experience and expertise managing projects of all sizes and types.  Our PM Services can be economically scaled to manage projects of any size and tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility.  

CMI Services can easily integrate with your existing internal PM team to help support the project and manage the shifts in work flow or fluctuation in the project’s complexity and size.